Pulse of Europe - Canarias                         San Agustín, 15 February 2018



Press Release



BREXIT: No cherry-picking!  


Pulse of Europe - Canarias is saddened to see the UK leave the EU. The EU must now stick closely together and avoid divisions during the negotiations.


The United Kingdom has activated it’s right under Article 50 TEU to leave the Union. While this is Britain’s contractual right, Pulse of Europe - Canarias believes that the exit is an enormous mistake. The country will take one generation, or two, to correct it.


Pulse of Europe - Canarias supports the Council negotiation directives and urges the Union member states not to succumb to attempts from London to divide the Union. The result of the negotiations must, under no circumstance, amount to allow London cherry-picking.


Also, Pulse of Europe - Canarias urges the UK to respect the Union citizens’ acquired rights and status in that country, upon condition of reciprocity.


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