Pulse of Europe - Canarias                         San Agustín, 20 February 2018



Press Release



EP-elections: Maintain the lead-candidate system!



Pulse of Europe - Canarias favours the “Spitzenkandidaten”-system and introduction of trans-national lists.


The so-called Spitzenkandidaten- (lead candidate-) system gives a chance to the European voters to decide on the next president of the European Commission. This system has been tested during the last elections to the European Parliament and was successful. Therefore, Pulse of Europe - Canarias firmly believes that this system ought to be maintained.


The EP is trans-national, i.e. European, in its composition. Therefore, it makes sense to introduce also trans-national lists. The candidates on it can only win if and when they protect and favour the common European interest, as opposed to parocchial interests. This system is worth introducing and testing at the upcoming elections.


Also, Pulse of Europe - Canarias reiterates, at this occasion, the need for one single venue for the EP plenary meetings (“one single seat”). The current set-up with meetings in Strasbourg and Brussels is a waste of taxpayers’ money.



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